National Centers for Translational Research in Reproduction and Infertility

Stanford University

Our goal is to extend our innovative and highly-effective outreach and education program geographically, beyond the Bay Area of California, with an initiative specifically devoted to national outreach and education in Reproductive and Stem Cell Biology.

The outreach and educational component of this application is built on a strong foundation with objectives as follows:

1. Provide physical space that is modern, well-equipped and staffed for a shared research program for individual or small group research experiences. This shared research space can accommodate up to 8 visitors at any one time at all educational levels; we will dedicate 4 bench spaces for emphasis on reproductive biology. Two of these will be dedicated to occupants of 4 weeks or less; 2 will be distributed on a quarterly basis. This arrangement will allow us to host 32 visitors per year. Applications to use this space will include a brief description of research projects relevant to the goals of the SCCPIR network and focus areas, a description of proposed benefit to be derived, a curriculum vitae and two letters of recommendation as appropriate. The shared research space provides an extraordinarily well-equipped environment with faculty oversight, as well as, lab management.  Here, we will launch this program nationally and expect highly competitive and innovative projects will emerge to invigorate Reproductive and Stem Cell Biology.

2. Provide a formal curriculum that incorporates laboratory-based courses and didactic symposia in Reproductive and Stem Cell Biology. We will provide dedicated courses in Reproductive and Stem Cell Biology, one each summer session and another in early winter. This will allow us to recruit promising minority undergraduates (our future scientists) through SSRP (Stanford Summer Research Program Amgen Scholars), local Stanford undergraduates and those who apply to visit nationally. In addition, we note that we will designate one symposium or workshop (generally a full day) to providing formal education to the larger community of scientists, healthcare professionals and the public. Finally, we will hold our annual retreat in the Center for Reproductive and Stem Cell Biology, as we have for the last two years in January of each year and use a quarter of the available space (approximately 20-25 spaces) to include health care professionals broadly (from trainees to nurses, physicians, embryologists and assistants). We anticipate invitation of 2-5 external seminar speakers per year and more broad representation of invitees across the USA.