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Recent Publications

Cornell University

Wissink, E.M., Smith, N.L., Spektor, R., Rudd, B.D., and Grimson, A. (2015) MicroRNAs and Their Targets Are Differentially Regulated in Adult and Neonatal Mouse CD8+ T Cells. Genetics 201:107-1030.

Modzelewski, A.J., Hilz, S., Crate, E.A., Schweidenback, C.T.H., Fogarty, E.A., Grenier, J.K., Freire, R., Cohen, P.E., and Grimson, A. (2015) Dgcr8 and Dicer are essential for sex chromosome integrity during meiosis in males. J Cell Sci 128:2314-2327.

Dabaja, A.A., Mielnik, A., Robinson, B.D., Wosnitzer, M.S., Schlegel, P.N., and Paduch, D.A. (2015) Possible germ cell-Sertoli cell interactions are critical for establishing appropriate expression levels for the Sertoli cell-specific MicroRNA, miR-202-5p, in human testis. Basic Clin Androl 25:2.

Hilz, S., Modzelewski, A.J., Cohen, P.E., and Grimson, A. (2016)  The roles of microRNAs and siRNAs in mammalian spermatogenesis.  Development 143: 3061-3073.  (Review)