National Centers for Translational Research in Reproduction and Infertility

Recent Publications

University of California, San Diego

Maas, K.H., Chuan, S., Harrison, E., Cook-Andersen, H., Duleba, A.J., and Chang, R.J. (2016)  Androgen responses to adrenocorticoptropic infusion among individual women with polycystic ovary syndrome.  Fertil Steril 106:1252-1257.

De Bond, J-A.P., Tolson, K.P., Nasamran, C., Kauffman, A.S., and Smith, J.T. (2016)  Unaltered hypothalamic metabolic gene expression in Kiss1r KO mice despite obesity and reduced energy expenditure.  J. Neuroendocrinol 28(10).

Stephens, S.B.Z., Chahal, N., Munaganuru, N., Parra, R.A., and Kauffman, A.S. (2016)  Estrogen stimulation of Kiss1 expression in the medial amygdala involves estrogen receptor-α but not estrogen receptor-β.  Endocrinology 157:4021-4031.

Tolson, K.P., Garcia, C., Delgado, I., Marooki, N., and Kauffman, A.S. (2016)  Metabolism and energy expenditure, but not feeding or glucose tolerance, are impaired in young Kiss1r KO female mice.  Endocrinology 157:4192-4199.

Schoeller, E.L., Clark, D.D., Dey, S., Cao, N.V., Semaan, S.J., Chao, L.W., Kauffman, A.S., Stowers, L., and Mellon, P.L. (2016)  Bmal1 is required for normal reproductive behaviors in male mice.  Endocrinology 157:4914-4929.