National Centers for Translational Research in Reproduction and Infertility

Recent Publications

University of California, San Francisco

Piltonen, T.T., Chen, J.C., Khatun, M., Kangasniemi, M., Liakka, A., Spitzer, T., Tran, N., Huddleston, H., Irwin, J.C., and; Giudice, L.C. (2015) Endometrial stromal fibroblasts from women with polycystic ovary syndrome have impaired progesterone-mediated decidualization, aberrant cytokine profiles and promote enhanced immune cell migration in vitro. Hum Reprod 30:1203-1215.

Parchem, R.J., Moore, N., Fish, J.L., Parchem, J.G., Braga, T.T., Shenoy, A., Oldham, M.C., Rubenstein, J.L.R., Schneider, R.A., and Blelloch, R. (2015) miR-302 Is Required for Timing of Neural Differentiation, Neural Tube Closure, and Embryonic Viability. Cell Rep 12:760-773.

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Krishnakumar, R., Chen, A.F., Pantovich, M.G., Canial, M., Parchem, R.J., Labosky, P.A., and Blelloch, R. (2016) FOXD3 Regulates Pluripotent Stem Cell Potential by Simultaneously Initiating and Repressing Enhancer Activity. Cell Stem Cell 18:104-117.

Chen, J.C., Hoffman, J. R., Arora, R., Perrone, L.A., Gonzalez-Gomez, C.J. Vo, K.C., Laird, D.J., Irwin, J.C., and Giudice, L.C. (2016) Cryopreservation and recovery of human endometrial epithelial cells with high viability, purity, and functional fidelity. Fertil Steril 105:501-510.

Sousa Martins, J.P., Liu, X., Oke, A., Arora, R., Franciosi, F., Viville, S., Laird, D.J., Fung, J.C., and Conti, M. (2016) DAZL and CPEB1 regulate mRNA translation synergistically during oocyte maturation. J Cell Sci 129:1271-1282.

Cakmak, H., Franciosi, F., Zamah, A M., Cedars, M.I., and Conti, M. (2016) Dynamic secretion during meiotic reentry integrates the function of the oocyte and cumulus cells. Proc Natl Acad Sci (USA) 113:2424-2429.

Aghajanova, L.,Altmäe, S., Kasvandik, S., Salumets, A., Stavreus-Evers, A., and Giudice, L. C. (2016)  Stanniocalcin-1 expression in normal human endometrium and dysregulation in endometriosis.  Fertil Steril 106:681-691.

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Barragan, F., Irwin, J.C., Balayan, S., Erikson, D.W., Chen, J.C., Houshdaran, S., Piltonen, T.T., Spitzer, T.L., George, A., Rabban, J.T., Nezhat, C., and Giudice, L.C. (2016)  Human endometrial fibroblasts derived from mesenchymal progenitors inherit progesterone resistance and acquire an inflammatory phenotype in the endometrial niche in endometriosis.  Biol Reprod 94:118, 1-20.