National Centers for Translational Research in Reproduction and Infertility

Recent Publications

University of Pennsylvania

Mainigi, M.A., Olalere, D., Burd, I., Sapienza, C., Bartolomei, M., and Coutifaris, C.  (2014)  Peri-implantation hormonal milieu: elucidating mechanisms of abnormal placentation and fetal growth.  Biol Reprod 90:26, 1-9.

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Butts, S.F., Owen, C., Mainigi, M., Senapati, S., Seifer, D.B., and Dokras, A. (2014) Assisted hatching and intracytoplasmic sperm injection are not associated with improved outcomes in assisted reproduction cycles for diminished ovarian reserve: an analysis of cycles in the United States from 2004 to 2011. Fertil Steril 102:1041-1047.

de Waal, E., Mak, W., Calhoun, S., Stein, P., Ord, T., Krapp, C., Coutifaris, C., Schultz, R.M., and Bartolomei, M.S. (2014) In vitro culture increases the frequency of stochastic epigenetic errors at imprinted genes in placental tissues from mouse concepti produced through assisted reproductive technologies. Biol Reprod 90(2):22, 1-12.

Song, S., Ghosh, J., Mainigi, M., Turan, N., Weinerman, R., Truongcao, M., Coutifaris, C., and Sapienza, C. (2015) DNA methylation differences between in vitro- and in vivo-conceived children are associated with ART procedures rather than infertility. Clin Epigenetics 7:41.

Bryant, J.M., Donahue, G., Wang, X., Meyer-Ficca, M., Luense, L.J., Weller, A.H., Bartolomei, M.S., Blobel, G.A., Meyer, R.G., Garcia, B.A., and Berger, S.L. (2015) Characterization of BRD4 during mammalian postmeiotic sperm development. Mol Cell Biol 35:1433-1448.

Hu, J., Donahue, G., Dorsey, J., Govin, J., Yuan, Z., Garcia, B.A, Shah, P.P., and Berger, S.L. (2015) H4K44 acetylation facilitates chromatin accessibility during meiosis. Cell Rep 13:1772-1780.

Meyer-Ficca, M.L, Ihara, M., Bader, J.J., Leu, N.A., Beneke, S., and Meyer, R.G. (2015) Spermatid Head Elongation with Normal Nuclear Shaping Requires ADP-Ribosyltransferase PARP11 (ARTD11) in Mice. Biol Reprod 92:80, 1-13.

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Hur, S.K., Freschi, A., Ideraabdullah, F., Thorvaldsen, J.L. Luense, L.J., Weller, A.H., Berger, S.L., Cerrato, F., Riccio, A. and Bartolomei,M,S. (2016)  Humanized H19/Igf2 locus reveals diverged imprinting mechanism between mouse and human and reflects Silver-Russell syndrome phenotypes. Proc Natl Acad Sci (USA) 113:10938-10943.