National Centers for Translational Research in Reproduction and Infertility

Stanford University

Center For Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research

Margaret T. Fuller, Ph.D.
Reed-Hodgson Professor in Human Biology
Professor of Genetics and Developmental Biology
Stanford University School of Medicine
Beckman B300
Stanford, California 94305-5329
Phone: 415-725-7681
Fax: 415-725-7739



Recent Publications


Subprojects/Key Investigators

Germ Cell Differentiation from Human iPSCs and hESCs
R.A. Reijo Pera

Translational Regulation of Meiotic Cell Cycle Onset and Progression in the Male
M.T. Fuller

Derivation of Mature Human Oocytes from Primordial Follicles
A. Hsueh

Regulation of Translational Control in the Oocyte-Embryo Transition (pilot project)
V. Sebastiano

Technical Service Cores/Directors

Microanalysis, Sequencing and Informatics (MSI) Core (Closed)
R.A. Reijo-Pera

Reproductive Database Core
A. Hsueh