National Centers for Translational Research in Reproduction and Infertility

Endometrium, Endometriosis and Implantation/Placentation

Linda Giudice (UCSF) – Leader

Project: Development of Human Endometrium for Embryonic Implantation


Robert Blelloch (UCSD)

Project: Post-transcriptional Regulation of Trophoblast Differentiation


Susan Fisher (UCSF)

Project: Molecular Analysis of the Early Stages of Human Trophoblast Differentiation  


Bert O’Malley (Baylor College of Medicine)

Project: The ERbeta/SRC-1 Isoform Complex drives Endometriosis Progression


*Soumen Paul (UKansas)

Project: TEAD4 Orchestration of Trophoblast Development


Paolo Rinaudo (UCSF)

Project:  Understanding how Embryo Manipulation affects Implantation


*Mohammad Rumi (UKansas)

Project: SATB Regulation of the Trophoblast Stem Cell State


*Michael Soares (UKansas)

Project: Histone H3K9 Methylation and Trophoblast Lineage Development


Ov Slayden (ONPRC)

Project:  Ovarian and Uterine Structure-Function: Influence of Androgen and Diet


*P01 project


NICHD Liaison: Esther Eisenberg