National Centers for Translational Research in Reproduction and Infertility

Ovarian Follicular and Oocyte Health


Teresa Woodruff (Northwestern) Leader

Project: Measuring and Modifying the Human Follicle Environment to Improve In Vitro Egg Quality


Marco Conti (UCSF)

Project: Genomic Reprogramming by Oocyte Maternal mRNAs


Takeshi Kurita (Northwestern)

Project: Medically-based Protection of the Ovarian Reserve against Anti-Cancer Therapy


Lonnie Shea (Northwestern)

Project: Engineered Environments for Ovarian Follicle Transplantation


Richard Stouffer (ONPRC)

Project: Ovarian and Uterine Structure-function: Influence of Androgen and Diet


*P01 project


NICHD Liaison: Lou DePaolo